Permaculture Facilitators and Professionals

Fall 2010 Weekend PDC Class Photo

Below is a listing of those involved in the workings of the professional field of education, design, and day-in-day-out workings of Permaculture here in Cincinnati. It is a diverse group of people, young and old, new trainees and seasoned veterans, poised to make a huge impact on this very conservative city. Cincinnati has a great gap between itself and the more progressive west coast cities but we are storming forward thanks to our collective vision. Below is a short description of individuals, links to some of their other social networking sites, and their contact info.

Braden Trauth: With a BS in Industrial Design and a strong focus in Sustainability Braden has applied this knowledge to everything from designing exhibits for the New England Aquarium to developing an FDA compliant system for a million dollar Organic Products Company. During & after these experiences He traveled the world studying sustainability with the tops in the field, whether it was Housing, Energy, Green Business, or Permaculture as well as visiting the premier sites in the world demonstrating sustainability. He owned an Off Grid house known as an Earthship where he cut his teeth in sustainability working with Mike Reynolds, the creator of Earthships (, and his crew. After selling his Earthship he traveled the world studying Permaculture with the tops in the field including Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, Scott Pittman, Peter Bane, and Dave Jacke just to name a few. He now focuses on sharing and demonstrating the knowledge of designing a harmonious life with the planet in the Cincinnati Bioregion. He does this through OM Valley Permaculture Design/Consultation and teaches through a developing non-profit Permaculture education organization that works very closely with UC and the College of DAAP.
Chillin' with Bill during our PDC taught by him
and Geoff Lawton in Melbourne January 2007

OM Valley Permaculture
"Evolving Humanity through Natural Design"

DOUG CROUCH: Trained as both a Permaculture Designer and Fish and Wildlife Manager, Doug has extensive knowledge surrounding landscape planning and creating aquaculture systems for all needs. He has worked in temperate, drylands, and tropical climates, extending from North, South and Central America,  Asia, The Caribbean, and Oceania. This work includes managing land and water for tourism ventures, facilitating and co-creating educational programs, tropical aquaculture and wetlands restoration, permaculture design and implementation, and market gardening. From this international experience, an understanding of nurturing productive ecosystems has flourished. Incorporating this knowledge and experience into educational programs has now become Doug’s main focus as he continues his design and development in various ecosystems.

TreeYo Permaculture
"Creative Education and Functional Design"

Patricia Walker 

An avid home gardener and ecperienced market gardener, Patti Walker brings her love of the arts to blend with permaculture.  Formally, she is trained in Biology and Botany, which gave her the background necessary to blend science into her love for vegetable production.  Now Patti is carving her niche as an urban/suburban garden consultant and permaculture teacher.  Her passion for companion planting in the garden translates socially into being a master of friendship and welcoming people into community.

Ande and Lauren Schewe have lived in the tri-state area all over and have reached into many soils and hillsides observing and tracking the story of nature and Farm life.  Designing from small infrastructure such as a garlic planting to complexity such as a farm collectives operating CSAs.  Together they feed their youth and many of friends and family as well for sure.   They mix herbsman,  yoga practices,  reverance to the earth, small primitive craft, moon guidance, seed saving and guild observance.  Both full of exciting visions of the futurescape, as well as full of historical experience through out the world's door, in institutions of structure as well as the places along the bold journey of life. Currently they run a delightful small family cottage farm business that contributes strength to the burgeoning local foods scene.

Patrick Sherwin- Patrick started working with solar energy in 2001 and has been fully engaged ever since.  He maintains a diverse background in construction, science, engineering, management, and integration of renewables. His work experience includes significant leadership roles in many levels of the renewable energy industry and movement.  Through the responsibility of over 200 solar installations, Patrick has an in-depth understanding of projects - technologies, time lines, budgets, etc. - from concept to commissioning.  Always a problem solver and innovator, Patrick works to apply his passion with hard skills in wise energy use and power production.

NABCEP Certified Solar PV and Solar Thermal Installer + LEED AP

Sam Dunlap- From his first introduction to permaculture, Sam Dunlap was enthralled. Yet he couldn't put his finger on exactly why for a long time. He is beginning to understand that permaculture offers a way of creating beauty and function in the outer world that stems from a deeper dimension of harmony on the inner level. He cultivates this aspect of his understanding of permaculture through his teaching, his work in the garden, and his work with people. Cincinnati is the home of these efforts, but Sam also has experience implementing permaculture in the Northwest of the US, Central America, and Eastern Africa.

Amy Stross: Amy has a passion for helping to create a resilient local foodshed and self-sufficient community, and does this through work in her suburban edible yard, participation in an urban CSA, initiation of a Landshare project, helping in the production of the Greater Cincinnati Local Food Guide, and through the initiation of a community garden in her neighborhood.  Amy has a Masters in Education and is certified in both Permaculture Design and Community Garden Development.  She enjoys discussing gardening, community foodshed projects and self-sufficiency.

Suellyn Shupe brings a lifetime of immersion in the natural history and native wildlife of SW Ohio as well as experience in interpreting these same topics for a variety of audiences.  Her curiosity and concern for the world led her to a study of systems theory through deep ecology, and then to application of systems learning through Permaculture design.  In the process of developing her own urban homestead in the Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage, Suellyn calls upon her experience in organic gardening, cob building, and water quality education.  She is committed to supporting the Permaculture way of life for all beings by sharing her knowledge and experience with other humans.  Suellyn lives in the Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage in Price Hill, Cincinnati, and was coordinator of their Farm Project for 2009 & 2010.