Our Local PC Farms

The Cincinnati Permaculture Guild does contain several working farms that are contributing to the overall local foods scene and necessary food security of the tristate region.  They can be found at numerous farmers markets and you can be assured that while not all are labeled organic, they are following regenerative design and management practices.  Below you will see several listing and ways to contact them if  desire to visit or even better lend a hand as a volunteer to get to know the farm.  Some of the sites will be featured in our PC guild meetings as well so stay tuned for those. 

Greensleeves Farm, 10851 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Alexandria, KY  41001

Site and Project Description:
Gretchen Vaughn purchased 12 acres, all that remained of a 300 acre farm, in 2006.  Suburbia is encroaching, and individuals and communities need a location where they can learn sustainable practices to carry into their lives.  CLASP, Center for Learning Applied Sustainable Practices, is the goal of this farm, through on-site workshops, demonstrations, and intern education.
Greensleeves Farm, Northern Kentucky, Earthworks- keyline swales and pocket ponds, installed by Mark Shepard

In early 2013, we hosted a workshop on Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard.  From there we installed a keyline swale system with pocket ponds and tree crops.  Our farm now has alley's to farm with animals, grains, and hay.   
At this point the farm is utilized to grow produce for a CSA and two farmers' markets, so a packing shed has been enlarged to include a double sink with gray water reuse and a walk-in cooler/winter root cellar.  Two flocks of chickens (providing eggs, soil aeration, bug consumption and fertilizer) rotate through the gardens in chicken tractors, while two sheep (providing fiber and fertilizer) clear thorny growth in a pasture.  Four hives are being added this year (providing pollination services and honey).  Two passive solar greenhouses provide winter shelter for the chickens, as well as season extension of produce and plant propagation areas.

PC Farm Development:
We hope you will visit the farm this season, and return many times, as we work to implement the permaculture design principles we follow.  Microclimates will be enhanced with earthworks; several swale locations have been identified, as well as a future wetlands site.  A walking path will be placed among the native plants established on the near western slope, as we continue to terrace down from the garden beds.  We incorporate perennial herbs and flowers within the garden beds, encouraging beneficial insects and pollination.  Air flow over the terrain will benefit the nut trees to be planted on the far western slope, and windbreaks established northwest  of the buildings.  An earth-sheltered, passive solar design home will be situated ideally on the south facing slope, with the pond and valley beyond a pleasing view.  The young fruit orchard will have the addition of lower level edible plantings, all benefiting from the location in a southwest sun bowl.

Contact and Public Interface:
To visit the farm, learn more about our education program or our participation in the Bellevue Farmers' Market (Wednesdays 3-7 beginning 4/27 and Saturdays 8 a.m.-1 p.m. beginning 4/23, in the Party Source parking lot), please contact Gretchen at greensleevesfarm@gmail.com.

AllWays Farm Collective/ WindDance Farm
Project Concept: To create a space that provides abundance for our family and for our greater community, walk our talk, and help others steer our future in a progressive righteous way, nourish wisdom, and connect deeply with earth’s energy and natural flow. 

Project Description: 
Wind Dance itself resides in rural Ripley Co. Indiana and nestles in a rich country side full of potential.  Within an hour of Cincinnati, we find ourselves emersed in the culture of the city as well as the culture of rural life.  They both go hand in hand and need each other.  We produce over 200 different species of botanical treasures, as well as clean safe ethical wild forage crops.  Our staple is salad greens and herbs.  We also have been developing our legume availability.  We work with 3 CSA projects, LVG FarmFreshCSA, MAGIC CSA, and our own Allways Farm Collective CSA.  Also we attend the Northside Market in Cincinnati regularly on Wed evenings from 4-7:30pm.  We have over the years worked with several restaurants and online produce sales endevours.  Currently we are working with www.localyharvestedforyou.com

On a design aspect of Permaculture, we are constantly on the design board as much as in  the gardens.    We practice a minimum tillage, so we mulch a lot.  Mulch for up to 4 acres at a time could become exhausting and expensive, so we are developing our mulch crops for our system to be onsite and handy.  We practice cover cropping, under cropping, companion planting, season extension crops, food safety preserving and value adding.  We view companion planting and guild design as we would bead work or painting, an art, ever refined, observed, and tried.  We are enriching our sense of Biodynamics.  We use every resource wisely, and create little disposed waste.  We listen to the land and are ever grateful for its life givng ethos.

Grailville Organic Farm

For more on this project and organic farm please visit the following:

MudFoot Farm

Mud Foot Farm is located in the beautiful hills of the Ohio River Valley. We currently offer Certified Naturally Grown Produce,Grass Only Suffolk sheep, Free Range Muscovy ducks, Pastured Broilers, and Free Range Eggs. Our chickens are a mixed flock of heritage and non heritage breeds. We offer free range chicken and duck eggs. As well as pasture raised lamb, duck, and chicken. All of our animals are NO hormone/No antibiotic. Our poultry feed ration is comprised of mostly local grain, with added macro/micro nutrients,and probiotics. In addition to our produce we also offer Pawpaw fruit in season. We also offer wild harvested items from time to time.

Farmers' Market   
Schedule and Location:
Northside Farmers Market On the corner of Hamilton and Blue Rock. Wed 4:00 to 7:30 June 3rd through October

Mt Washington Farmers Market at Stanberry Park Thursdays from 2:30 to 6:30 June 18th through October

Anderson Twp. Farmers Market Located on Five Mile rd. In Anderson twp. Saturdays 9:00-1:00 june-oct.

Farming Practices: [?]
naturally grown,  grass fed/pastured,  Certified Naturally Grown