Our Local PC Businesses

FAB Ferments: NorthBend, OH: Fermented Foods: Fabulousferments.com
FAB Ferments was established to
create a REVOLUTION for real
It’s our MISSION to bring back
nourishing foods that heal our body
and mind.
Our devotion and love for
fermenting inspired us to EDUCATE
others about the numerous health
benefits of naturally fermented foods.

We are proud to offer delicious, raw
ferments, which have been enjoyed
for thousands of years by cultures
around the world.
Just think…
beds on contour
When was the last time
your food had culture?
Thanks for joining the real food


Jordan and Jen preform a great service to our community in the name of fully inspected commercial kitchen food processing for optimal health.  Their raw products . but very alive through various fermentations including lacto-bacillus, are a boon to local farmers through their local supply purchases. Their home farm shows their dedication to food production as well and offer a great location for foodie farmer dinners!!!!!


old growth oak on farm

Urban Greens

Urban Greens was founded in 2010 by 15 families in the East End neighborhood of Cincinnati. Our stated mission is to create beautiful gardens in the city that feed and employ those in the local communities in which we operate.  We believe that good food is the least common denominator of us all and can be a uniting factor in our communities. Eating more vegetables and working in the gardens are also foundations for a healthy lifestyle.   We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our soil is enriched with aged manure and leaves to give us the intense production needed to feed many people on small plots.   If you want to learn about sustainable local gardening practices, eat the best food for your body and mind, build community with others, support local jobs, educate yourself and others, and turn vacant properties into beautiful gardens, then join Urban Greens!    Ryan Doan founded the company with others but is definitely a driving force of the company.  He was a winter 2013 graduate and has been working collaboratively with Doug Crouch on further design and implementation on gardens around town.  The fusion allows the financial expertise as well as groundbreaking work of Ryan to compliment the design enhancing site developments from Doug.  Garden manager Kevin Fitzgerald brings an organized and energized food production garden down in the East End, the cornerstone garden of the operation.  Soil sponges there from the companies dedication to carbon recycling and no deserts policy- that is no open soil, not even paths.  Otehr gardens include Bong Hill, led by Ellie Faulk, working on a retrofit urban slot on church property.  Turpin Farm and the greenhouses and gardens there keep Ryan busy while Doug and local gardener Christine Anarrino often are working together in Hamilton. (2013)Contact Ryan at 513 255 0955